RX/RXT Series

Cost-effective performance

RX/RXT series twin-screw extruders are engineered and manufactured by CPM Ruiya Extrusion delivering high-speed and high-torque capabilities for the global compounding market. The RX/RXT extruders from CPM offer world-class reliability and performance with global serviceability at a competitive price.

Critical components (i.e. gearbox, motor, torque coupling, etc.) are sourced from leading EU brands with assembly in our CPM Ruiya Extrusion facility.

RX series machines are available with nominal screw diameters: 26, 32, 40, 58, 70, 92, 133 and 177 (1.55 diameter ratio)

RXT series machines are available with nominal screw diameters: 20, 35, 40, 52, 65, 75, 95, 135

Motors sourced from major EU brands (e.g. ABB, Siemens)

Gear boxes sourced from EU (e.g. Zambello, Eisenbeiss)

Torque couplings sourced from EU (e.g. Autoguard, Bibbiguard)

Control systems based on Siemens or Allen Bradley platform

Torque density 11-13 N/cm3

Screw speed up to 900 rpm

Process section components (shafts, barrels, screws) are manufactured at CPM Ruiya Extrusion with a wide range of metallurgies to accommodate the most abrasive and corrosive conditions.

Explore RXT Features

Strand die, screen changer or 8/0 transition

Side-mounted or top-mounted vent stuffers provide trouble-free vacuum degassing

Screws, barrels and shafts manufactured in CPM Ruiya Extrusion, wide range of metallurgies

Side feeder(s) for downstream addition of ingredients

Zambello gearbox (imported from EU), torque density up to 15 N/cm3 with screw speed up to 900 rpm

Bibbigard overtorque coupling from UK

Variable frequency AC motors are mfg in China w/global warranty (Siemens, WEG)

RX/RXT series machines are designed, manufactured and assembled at CPM Ruiya Extrusion.

CXE Series

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CX Series

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RX/RXT Series

Cost-effective performance

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