Wear Inspection

Proper process section maintenance is incredibly important when operating a twin-screw extruder.

CPM Extrusion Group wear inspection service provides customers with a comprehensive assessment of the condition of their extruders. Our machine audit includes full machine visual inspection, barrel mapping, bore measurements using capacitive (i.e. non-contact) sensor technology along with high-resolution imaging and video of the internal barrel bores. We offer this service for any OEM machine (as long as the bore diameter is within our measuring range).

The summary report presents measurement data and wear analysis in an intuitive format along with our recommendations for component replacement where necessary. Images captured with our borescope are also included as part of the report.

CPM wear inspection services can be included as part of your Preventive Maintenance program to prevent unforeseen down-time from machine component failures.

Example Wear Audit Report

Example Wear Audit Report