Food Extrusion Technology

This one-hour webinar provides an overview of the process technology and machine configurations used for production of direct-expanded RTE cereals and snacks with twin-screw extruders. This webinar will be presented at 9:oo am, 2:oo pm, and 9:00 pm EST by Dr. Waleed Yacu from The Yacu Group, Inc.

Wear Audit Preparation/Requirements

This month’s webinar details the procedures for conducting wear measurements on extruder screws and barrels which should be an integral part of your preventive maintenance program. Techniques and tooling are described for obtaining an accurate picture of the condition of your machine, critical for proactive replacement of components prior to failure. A discussion of wear tolerances will also be presented. This webinar is presented by Greg Walter from CPM Process Solutions, with sessions at 9:oo am, 2:oo pm, and 9:00 pm EST.