Advanced Integration & Automation

Extended CPM resources bring capabilities for Advanced Integration and Automation.

CPM Beta Raven resources can be leveraged when customers require total plant automation. Beta Raven offers 30 years of process automation and integration experience.  

CPM Beta Raven provides proven control solutions across numerous platforms for the control and automation of compounding and other extrusion processes.  Working worldwide, CPM Beta Raven capabilities range from building a specific machine control to a complete plant-wide automation system.

CPM Beta Raven plant wide control solutions provide seamless integration of equipment and utilities for efficient compounding plant operation. Additionally, all systems are accessible via remote connection for immediate customer support.

Complete plant automation

This covers all material movement from receipt through entire process and pack out

Stand alone process controls

Using PanelView HMI or PCs to control unit machine


Projects to replace or modernize existing controls

Electrical/Control Panel Build

Engineer, design, assemble control, MCC panels

Equipment Monitoring

Hardware and programming to monitor the health and operation of critical process equipment
- Shaft torque measurement for twin-screw extruders
- Vibration monitoring
- Gearbox oil monitoring system

Power Monitoring/Load Shedding

System programming to efficiently monitor electrical loads and automatically shut down process equipment not in use

Historian Systems

Overall system data collection of entire process from recipe management to individual sensor tracking and trending