Auxiliary Equipment

CPM Extrusion Group designs and manufactures side feeders, vent stuffers and die head assemblies as direct replacement parts for most OEM extruders.

Side feeders are available with screw diameters from 25mm through 133mm for feeding solids downstream into the extruder to support a wide variety of applications and installation requirements.

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“Smart Side Feeder” works with control system to visualize and control side feeder on HMI when plugged-in (e.g. side feeder is disabled when not connected)

VFD can be mounted directly on side feeder base or installed remotely in control panel

Side feeder sizes are available to fit most OEM machines

Feed hopper can be fitted with agitator to prevent bridging

Cooled exit barrel available for feeding low-melting additives

Custom-design screw elements available for the most difficult-to-feed materials with suitable metallurgy for abrasion or corrosion resistance

Side feeder mobile support platform facilitates quick installation and removal; optional swivel mounting on extruder base also available

Strand Die Assemblies and Replacement Die Plates

CPM Extrusion Group has developed a robust line of strand dies for maximum productivity and efficiency. Our E-Series dies uses a modular split-body design, allowing different rheology compounds to run on the same die body by simply changing the upper-body flow channel. The wedge-lock die plate design and quick-release die adapter connection facilitate fast changeovers.

Strand dies can include an integral breaker plate for fixed screens as required.

Replacement die plates from CPM Extrusion Group are available in a wide range of metallurgies, providing extended service life when processing the most abrasive materials.

Vent Stuffers

CPM Extrusion Group vent stuffers are designed to retain the molten material within the extruder screws while allowing gases and vapors to flow through the screws of the vent stuffer.

Stuffers can be operated at atmospheric conditions or under vacuum, depending on the requirements of the process. Vent stuffers provide stable degassing at high production rates for many compounding applications. The initial cost for the stuffer is recovered quickly since there is no longer down-time associated with cleaning of the vacuum vent port.

Stuffers can be installed in the top of an open barrel or on the side of the extruder using a combi or side feed barrel.

There is very little difference in degassing efficiency between top-mounted and side-mounted vent stuffer.

Vertical installation is much easier for retro-fit to an existing extruder using standard vent barrel (adapter to install stuffer fits into barrel opening), but is more cumbersome to remove for cleaning and maintenance.

Side-mounted vent stuffer is mounted on a mobile cart (or supported from base frame) and requires side feed or combi-style barrel for installation. Similar to a side feeder, the side-mounted vent stuffer is easier to remove from the extruder for access.

CPM vent stuffers are available for all OEM machine sizes.

Screw Elements

Barrel Sections

Screw Shafts

Auxillary Equipment